The CEO of you

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Big company CEOs get paid ridiculous amounts of money, but the good ones also do something that most of us avoid.
They make decisions.
In fact, that’s pretty much the core of the job. Whether to shut a plant, open a store, create a division, invest in a new technology…
That’s the part that creates the most value.
When we go to work, most of us simply go to work. We do our jobs, respond to the incoming, hone our craft, make some sales.
The decisions get put off or ignored altogether.
And yet it’s the strategic decisions that can change the arc of our career and our job satisfaction as well.
Here’s a simple list of questions: What are the five big decisions on your desk right now? Would others in your position have a different list? How much of your day is spent learning what you need to know to make those decisions? And can you make them all by Tuesday?