Love for happy entrepreneurs

Ti riporto uno scambio (due email in realtà) che ho avuto con Derek Sivers.
Derek è una delle persone che più ammiro al mondo, sicuramente è uno dei miei mentor e ascolto moltissimo quello che ha da dire.
Lui è un filosofo/imprenditore, la mia tipologia di filosofi preferita, e risponde sempre a tutte le mail per cui ogni tanto gli scrivo qualche domanda o dubbio.
In questo caso gli ho chiesto qual è il suo punto di vista sull'amore per gli imprenditori felici.
Questo è lo scambio che abbiamo avuto che sinceramente mi ha rincuorato molto.
Spero aiuti anche te!

Alex Lanaro

Hi Derek,
First and foremost, a big thank you for everything you do and a big hug from Venice (The real one in Italy)!
There is a dilemma I have been pondering for a while, which is "How romantic love fits inside a happy entrepreneur's life". (The adjective happy is key here).
I am asking this because I have been in relationships before but now I am a happy entrepreneur, and all girls kinda bore me.
I want to talk about happiness, success, life, death, time, business, love and so on and I don't seem to find any girl giving me the right stimuli.
At least not enough to make me say "Ok, you can enter full-time in my life".
I guessed you have or had the same problem.
Also, I am a really happy person!
I love my life and everything about it, so sharing it with another person can be "dangerous".
Do you think love can still improve happiness even if I am happy already?
Do you think happiness is binary (you are either happy or not) or there is a range?
Do you believe in monogamy? If yes, why?
Do you believe romantic love is the greatest thing in life? If so, why?
Thank you again for your daily inspiration.

Derek Sivers

Hi Alex -
Fun question.
My girlfriend is great, but definitely doesn't want to talk about the things I find most interesting.  (And I probably don't want to talk about the things she finds most interesting.)
So instead it's a different role in my life.  We are comfort, appreciation, security, and of course all the physical stuff.
In other words: just loving someone for who they are instead of as your intellectual stimulation.
But no, I don't think you should try to find a girlfriend now if you're not into it. 
Talk about those things with whoever wants to talk about them today, whoever is around. Doesn't need to be a relationship or even a dear friendship.
If you are already happy, having a great love can improve it still, yes.  But definitely not necessary!
Happiness is a range.
Monogamy?  Depends on the relationship. Each is unique. In some relationships, definitely, 100%.  It others? Nope.
Romantic love is definitely NOT the greatest thing in life. 😊